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Zero Seeds

Zero is one of the first pure CBD plants that entered the market in 2014. With no more than 1% THC, this strain is ideal for those who are not interested in the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

This plant is perfect for those medicinal users, but it has also become a hit with conventional users in love with its aroma of mandarins. Zero grows vertically in an explosive manner, such that it is recommendable to cut the top at around the fifth pair of leaves so it adopts a bush like form.

Zero is good for making medicinal extracts for those who helped by the effects of CBD. This plant is very resistant to fungi and many other pests; this very hardy plant is easy to cultivate even for novices. Be on the look-out for any possible males as they can pollinate everything quickly given the speed at which they begin to flower.

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Flowering Period:
8-9 weeks - 350-500 g/m² Yield

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