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Medicandy Seeds

The plants acquire reddish and purple tones by the ending of flowering. The buds are quite dense, an inheritance from the Candyland, and yet they are fine and long; its consistency is such that it often surprises when compared with buds apparently significantly bigger.

Medicandy is one of the plants richest in CBD with the most compact and resinous buds on the market. This variety has record quantities of CBD and THC.

Medicandy is easy to cultivate and very resistant to fungi and other pests. Its 8-9 weeks of flowering also makes it ideal for commercial growers. We generally recommend cultivating with a net given that it grows numerous branches and the weight can produce split or broken branches.

Medicandy is ideal for enjoying throughout the day given that its mix of CBD and THC guarantee a balanced and predictable effect. Its aroma is earthy with touches of pine and lemon.

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Flowering Period:
9-10 weeks - 400-500 gr/m2 Yield

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