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Manguifera Indica Seeds

“The taste of Best Mango, but with the balanced effect of CBD” is how the variety is described by Mike, one of our long time breeders. We can’t think of a better description.

Manguifera Indica is Genofarm’s response to these friends: every bit of the original Best Mango fragrance as well as the stable and predictable effect of the CBD. Manguifera Indica demonstrates the typical structure of a pure indica with very wide leaves, big resinous buds and so on. Its 8 weeks of flowering give up to one gram per watt of light in interior cultivation and more than a kilogram per plant in exterior.

Manguifera Indica is a plant that resists temperature extremes, and it can be cultivated in humid climates. A dose of cold temperatures at the end of flowering will augment the trichomes and make foliage take on a purplish hue. Additionally, it is rather resistant to botrytis, powdery mildew, and pests.

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Flowering Period:
9-10 weeks - 450-550 gr/m2 Yield

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