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Green Punch Seeds

Green Punch is an indica and sativa hybrid by Royal Queen Seeds, made by crossing two all-star American strains: Green Crack and Purple Punch. The result is a super potent strain that delivers an uplifting initial euphoria before mellowing into a nice, relaxed high. Green Punch is a versatile strain that will neither overwhelm rookie growers, nor bore veteran growers looking for quality buds and decent yields.

Green Punch gets its uplifting properties from Green Crack, a special Skunk variety known to produce a strong, energising euphoria that lasts for hours. This makes it ideal for daytime users, giving them enough productive time before slowly mellowing down. After the initial euphoria subsides, the effects of Green Punch become more relaxing physically, reminiscent of its other parent, Purple Punch. Green Punch is a super aromatic strain, combining zesty citrus aromas with sweet blueberry and grape undertones.

In a grow room, Green Punch is a very forgiving strain. It won’t typically grow above 200cm and tends to flower in just 55–60 days. Best of all, Green Punch is a very resilient strain that can easily put up with minor fluctuations in nutrients, water or light. This makes it ideal for novice growers who are still learning the ropes.

In ideal conditions, Green Punch can produce harvests of around 450–500g/m². Come harvest time you can expect nice, dense buds with beautiful pink and orange hues and respectable THC concentrations of around 20%. To really maximise the size of your yields and the quality of your buds, Green Punch is best grown indoors. However, it can also do extremely well outdoors, provided it is grown in a favourable climate.

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Green Crack x Purple Punch
Flowering Period:
8-9 weeks - 450-600 g/m2 Yield
Sativa 40% Indica 60%

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