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Shiva Skunk Automatic Seeds

Shiva Skunk Automatic is a child of the potent and super-resinous Skunk hybrid. This is an autoflowering version of famous indica cannabis.

The strain is likeable for beginners and professional growers. It grows fast, develops a medium-sized structure and does not require special care. The harvest comes after 7-8 blooming weeks and brings decent yields of dense, heavy buds coated with appetizing layer of trichomes. Shiva Skunk Automatic grows well indoor and outdoor in warm and temperate climate.

The flavour is a mix of pungent skunk musk and sweet citrus. The "creamy", "oily" smoke brings a wide range of different effects. It can make you giggly, bring relaxation or fill with energy and a desire for adventure.

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Flowering Period:
7-8 weeks - Medium Yield
80% indica

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