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Shiva Skunk Seeds

Shiva Skunk is the most potent member of the Skunk family. It is a very powerful indica plant that is named in honour of the Hindu god Shiva. This strain combines a lot of different genotypes. Northern Lights 5 and Skunk #1 are the parents of this amazing hybrid.

The plant grows up to 125 cm and can bring the yield of 500 gr/m2. It demonstrates a good stability and energetic growth. The legendary parents influence the structure, the potency and developing of heavy buds. The child demonstrates better results of yield and resin content than parents.

The resinous buds provides a thick smoke with a great creamy taste. The potent effect influences a body and a mind. The high can be different: red-eyes, giggly, or deeply meditative, or even brings an energy.

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Northern Lights 5 x Skunk #1
Flowering Period:
7 - 8 weeks - 500 gr/m2 + Yield
Indica 85% / Sativa 15%

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