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Auto Critical Hog Seeds

Auto Critical Hog is a femenized indica dominant autoflowering strain that the result of the combining of the Critical Hog and a Ruderalis.

Auto Critical Hog has a typical indica structure of a christmas tree and grows up to 80-100 cm indoors and to 90-120 cm outdoors. The plant is harvested after 10 weeks from germination and brings the yields of 20-40 gr/plant indoors and more 150 gr/plant outdoors. It has a good resistance to the fungus and infections.

Critical Hog has a pleasant taste of bacon with hints of oriental spices and aroma of fresh wildflowers. The effect is powerful, more physical than the mental. The strain is an excellent remedy for insomnia and nausea, and it can be used as an analgesic for pain in the joints.

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Critical Hog Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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Critical Hog x Unknown Ruderalis
Flowering Period:
10 weeks - 150+ gr/plant Yield
Mostly Indica

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