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Auto Cheese Seeds

We took a selected cut of Auto Cheese, the most beautifully pungent example we have ever witnessed, and carefully crossed it with an extremely powerful ruderalis hybrid, the same we have been using for the Auto Big Bud crosses. By crossing our Cheese with this selected ruderalis, Auto Cheese maintaines many of the traits original Cheese is known for. It's a truly heavy-hitting hybrid that's very resilient to both mold and pests. You can expect 50-120 gram per plant, depending on the environment you are cultivating in and the harvest can be done after 75 days. Recommended for all the Cheese fans and everyone that wants to try out some very special genetics that were recreated to a new form.

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Cheese x Unknown Ruderalis
Flowering Period:
10 weeks - 40 - 135 g/plant Yield

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