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Birds Of Paradise Seeds

The mother of this strain is our Kali Snapple (Pineapple/Snowbud x pre 2000 Kali Mist). She expresses tropical smells of pineapple/fruit, which blend excellently with undertones of fuel and skunk. Most of these traits have been passed onto the offspring.

Blue Heron was the male used, and he contributes a beautiful terpene profile ranging from blueberry/fruit/rose/ incense. The blue heron also sped up the boom time and added another level of resin to this hybrid.

Large plants, colorful blossoms and tropical/fruity/fuel smells will be found throughout the gene pool of the Birds of Paradise. Trichome coverage is above average and on some plants will look like optical illusions when they are ripe.. (Immense trichome coverage skews perception). Faster phenos leaning towards the Blue Heron have also proven to be amazing plants for outdoor growers.

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Flowering Period:
9-10 weeks - Heavy Yield
60% sativa / 40% indica

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