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Moose And Lobsta Seeds

Tropical smells infused with gassy/petroleum undertones makes this strain very inviting to finicky pallets that prefer OG and/or diesel strains.

Due to the sativa dominancy, the majority of plants from this offspring prefer a larger root system and room to stretch (generally 1.5-2x stretch). Yield will be directly related to the root mass size and how the canopy is managed.

The flowers of Moose and Lobsta have a great visual look to them, with an intriguing fade that ranges from peach, orange, maroon, and purple.

Overall, this is an easy plant to grow and just needs a bit of room to stretch when flipped to bloom. Be sure to train her accordingly and prevent her from growing into your lights.

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Moose and Lobsta Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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Kali Snapple x Oregon Huckleberry
Flowering Period:
10-11 weeks - Heavy Yield
Mostly sativa

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