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Green Crack Seeds

Gifted to us as a clone, this strain is an outstanding cross of an original Sensi Skunk#1 and an unknown Californian Indica. However the overall characteristics and dominance of the smoke is definitely a Sativa. Even though Green Crack smokes like a world class Sativa, she grows with all the speed and vigour of the Skunk heritage; fast and dense. Flowering is done in as little as 8 weeks, with a hybrid plant structure of thick stems supporting heavy buds at every node and tip. If it is grown outdoors, she will thrive if given plenty of natural light and some specimens have reached nearly 4 meters in height, all literally covered in thick sticky bud sites.

One of the traits that this wonder plant is known for is the rich mango and sweet candy flavour. This sugary fruit aroma begins late in the veg cycle but really kicks into overdrive when flowering begins and by harvest time the plant smells like a bowl of fresh fruit salad! When smoked that aroma is carried through on the smoke making this a true taste sensation.

The High is magnificent. The Sativa dominance of Green Crack is immediately felt, with an instant headrush that flushes the face and will send you into the stratosphere. This will continue to build with multiple rips until the Indica finally brings you back down to earth in a very pleasing body haze that calms and relieves.

Despite the negative impression the name, Snoop was on the money when he said that this was some of the best weed he has had and we agree.

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Flowering Period:
8-10 weeks - 400 - 500g/m2 Yield

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