Harmony is a hybrid that synchronizes the very best of its three predecessor strains, Santa Marta Colombian Gold, Lemon OG Kush, and Lemon Thai. These tall flowers produce flowery, lemon-smelling nuggets distinctly kush-like in structure. Its effects tend to be invigorating and stimulating, however higher doses might push you into a more spacey experience. Inside growers wait 8 to 9 weeks for Harmony to flower while outside cultivators prepare for yield in the 30 days of October.

When to Harvest Harmony ‐ Flowering Time

The Harmony marijuana strain has a quick flowering time in comparison to other marijuana strains. You can expect it to flower within just 6 to 8 weeks.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Harmony strain is best described as Woody, Citrus, and Lemon.

Harmony Strain Medicinal Benefits and Side Effects

Relaxed 99.51% of users reported feeling relaxed.
Uplifted 39.62% of users reported feeling uplifted.
Talkative 56.55% of users reported feeling talkative.
Giggly 62.29% of users reported feeling giggly.
Focused 91.08% of users reported feeling focused.
Lack of Appetite 51.84% indicated a decrease in appetite.
Anti-Depressant 75.45% of users felt uplifted after consumption.
Pain Reduction 41.66% of users noticed a reduction in pain.
Insomnia 54.27% of users reported sleeping improvements.
Stressed 99.57% of users reported reduced stress.
Dry Mouth 20.7% of users reported a dry mouth.
Dry Eyes 99.64% of users reported dry eyes.
Dizziness 14.67% of users reported feeling dizziness.
Anxiety 85.9% of users reported feeling anxious.

Buying Harmony Seeds - Which Breeder to Choose

Not all Harmony Seeds are made equal, and the genetics can depend heavily on the breeder. Below you can find a list of available breeders of Harmony seeds to help identify which is the best for you.

How to Breed Harmony Seeds

Below you can find a list of strains that are parents and predecessors which led to the medicinal effects and properties of the Harmony cannabis strain. It was through the breeding of these strains which led to the production of Harmony marijuana seeds, while attempting to cultivate their combined effects and therapeutic properties. To breed your own Harmony seeds, you would need to cultivate a mixture of the following strains:

Colombian Gold Strain Information
Lemon OG Kush Strain Information
Lemon Thai Strain Information

Ancestry and DNA - Children of the Harmony Strain

Below you can find a list of strains which were bred from Harmony in an attempt to leverge it's medicinal properties and growing attributes.

Night Nurse Strain Information