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Amsterdam Mist Seeds

Flying Dutchmen Amsterdam Mist is a feminized sativa hybrid develop by Dutch seed breeders from Haze Original. Sativas from South India and South East Asia are combined with the legendary Afghani indica in this stunning cannabis cross. With stable genes of Original Haze that gives weight and density to running floral clusters, Amsterdam Mist is one the most consistent marijuana hybrids. Being mostly sativa, a feminized seed of Amsterdam Mist has all characteristics of this skunk. It grows tall thin plants (average 1.5 m) of a light green shade with short branches and narrow leaves. It takes her a bit longer to grow, mature and requires more light than her indica counterpart. Flying Dutcemen Amsterdam Mist’s flowering period lasts 70-85 days before she start developing fat, twisted calyxes shine with resin crystals and mass into huge, fragrant tops. This Cannabis Seed variety is said to be one of the strongest in modern cannabis world, she is quite resistant to pest, mould and diseases. Medicine produced from this sativa have lower CBD and higher THC counts which produces a more clear headed, energetic type of high, an unusually clear buzz with a slightly delayed effect. The taste of the smoke is very smooth and tends to become very green when vaporized.
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Original Haze x Northern Lights
Flowering Period:
10 - 12 weeks - 500 gr/m2 + Yield
70% Sativa / 30% Indica

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