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Santa Maria Strain Information

Santa Maria

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This tall sativa-dominant mixture originates from unclassified Brazilian sativas that have been used for generations in spiritual rituals while in the Amazon. Shortly right after making its way to the Netherlands the original dna wer..

Woody Kush Strain Information

Woody Kush

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Don't be quick to underestimate Woody Kush. While everything may seem mild and appealing at first, right after several minutes the true sedative effects this cannabis strain kick in. Woody Kush is exceedingly powerful and offers fant..

Wellness OG Strain Information

Wellness OG

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Wellness OG is a sativa-dominant phenotype of OG Kush that took 1st place for hybrids at the 2015 SoCal Medical Cup. An exceedingly sticky strain accompanied by a heavy surface of trichomes, Wellness OG includes a pungent piney fragr..

Dr. Who Strain Information

Dr. Who

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Navigate the planes of time and space with Dr. Who, a powerful indica hybrid originally from Homegrown Organic Wonders who wittily combined predecessor strains Mad Scientist and Timewreck. This 60% indica strain can deliver quick rel..

Sour Tsunami Strain Information

Sour Tsunami

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Sour Tsunami is a strain that became well known for being one of the initial to be specifically bred for high CBD rather than THC content. The result is a strain that's efficient at treating pain and inflammation without producing a ..

Sweet Dream Strain Information

Sweet Dream

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Sweet Dream by Colorado Seed Inc. mixes a local Colorado preference, Al's Dream, with the newborn local legend, Gupta Kush. This union offers patients the heady stimulation of Al's Dream (an Albert Walker and Blue Dream cross) and th..

Tangelo Strain Information


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Tangelo (not to be mistaken with Tangelo Kush) is the sour citrus offspring of Tangerine Sunrise and Gorkle (The Fork x Rebel God Smoke). With obvious flavors of tropical fruit and a unmistakable tangerine/orange juice odor, Tangelo ..

Blue Widow Strain Information

Blue Widow

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Blue Widow is a preference strain that provides users with both stimulating and relaxing effects. These plants will have a powerful sweet odor that may also include sour citrus or pine. The nuggets can be vibrant, with tints of blue ..

Y Griega Strain Information

Y Griega

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Also referred to as simply “Y,” the 80% sativa Y Griega is a energizing strain accompanied by a sweet floral, citrus fragrance. Unusual for a sativa variety, Y Griega produces large, resin-coated nuggets on tall stalks. T..

Lucid Dream Strain Information

Lucid Dream

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Lucid Dream is a dynamic combination of Amnesia Haze and Blue Dream. This sativa-dominant hybrid offers an inspiring mix of inspiring Haze effects with the sweet blueberry flavors of Blue Dream. Lucid Dream's energetic, inspiring ..

Orange Dream Strain Information

Orange Dream

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Orange Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that mixes Orange Crush with Blue Dream, each of which bring a unique dimension to this cannabis strain. Inviting aromas of citrus and vanilla combine to prepare build a distinct taste profile..

Remedy Strain Information


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Remedy, a spin-off of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk, is a high-CBD strain that produces little to no psychoactive effects. Remedy can reach CBD levels as high as 15% while THC is noticed in only trace amounts of far under 1%. Yellow-ti..

Green Hornet Strain Information

Green Hornet

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The strain called Green Hornet is a combination of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Green Hornet has a sweet and citrus-like scent. The taste is also sweet with light buttery overtones that some smokers do not like. It is a Sativa dominant s..

Black Mamba Strain Information

Black Mamba

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Black Mamba is named right following the deadly African snake (or maybe the vengeful bride from the movie Kill Bill), so it's no surprise that this strain of cannabis is known for being potent (it might just knock much less experienc..

White Dragon Strain Information

White Dragon

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White Dragon is a pure indica strain created by Eva Seeds through crossing Northern Lights and a Afghani indica. The result is a strain so strong, White Dragon won Spannabis' category for many resinous variety in 2012. Woody, earthy,..