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Auto AK Bio Seeds

The AK BIO is a classical strain, one of the most famous in our Biological Seeds catalogue.

It's a mostly Sativa hybrid known for its good performance and especially appreciated for its strong effect. Its success shows in the number of prizes this plant won in the years.

AK-47 original version came from four different natural, landrace strains (Colombia x Mexico x Thailand x Afghanistan), and this amazing balance between Indica and Sativa makes the plant resistant, and suitable for indoor growing.

Through a really accurate selection work we made the AK BIO autoflowering, getting a variety that finishes flowering in just 75 days from germination, producing high-resin buds tasting sweet and spicy with a reminiscent aroma of incense and sweetness with a hint of musk.

It gives an effect of lightness of mind and euphoria.

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Flowering Period:
11 weeks - 40-100 gr/plant Yield
65% sativa

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