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White Widow Seeds

White Widow in general (and ours in particular) is known for several features that distinguish it from other genetics, making it unique and unmistakable.

With a mixed genetic of 50% Sativa and 50% Indica, it has a great calming effect, stimulates the appetite and, thanks to its part Sativa, creativity and good mood.

White Widow by Biological Seeds is easily recognizable for its fullness of white trichomes and its fruity flavor with a strong and pleasant aftertaste of apple.

Really productive when grown both outdoors and indoors, White Window is renowned for its high resin production.

This plant needs a lot of sun but grows well even at low temperatures , being typical of the climates of northern European countries such as northern France, England and Holland. It definitely gives the best when grown in the Mediterranean climate where it reaches the maximum of productivity.

Like many other successful genetics, White Widow won, from its birth until today, countless awards and has earned a reputation as one of the most powerful genetic ever selected.

For all these peculiarities, White Widow is a must have in the collection of a real cannabis fan.

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Flowering Period:
8-10 weeks - 350-450 gr/m2 Yield
50% indica / 50% sativa

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