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Auto Blue Seeds

Biological Seeds's Auto Blue is a plant with fantastic blueberry flavor and color nuanced of blue / violet.

It is a mostly Indica plant, durable, easy to grow and with a rather fast life cycle.

Auto Blue by Biological Seeds produces in short time hard peaks, compact and rich of resin and with many lateral branches that will increase the amount of product in a really interesting way . It has taken the best traits from the selected strains (Blueberry x White Widow x Super Skunk x Ruderalis) making it strong, productive and with a unique taste. Biological Seeds Auto Blue will soon produce hard, compact, resin-rich peaks with many lateral ramifications that will increase the amount of product obtained in an interesting way.

It is a truly versatile genetics, also suitable for outdoor use, giving the best of it with any cultivation technique, ensuring good results both in coconut or on land or in hydroponics. Biological Seeds Auto Blue is also recommended for medical use as its intake relieves stress and mitigates pain. The relaxing effect, euphoric and creative, will take you into a state of complete relaxation making you forget the stress and opening your mind to ideas and unpublished thoughts. The taste is sweet and sour, blueberry and skunk.

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Flowering Period:
10 weeks - 30-50 gr/plant Yield
85% indica

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