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Auto Critical Seeds

AUTO CRITICAL comes from one of the most famous, world appreciated, award winning cannabis strains. It's an easy, low maintenance plant that rarely gives any issue in growing or germination.

To create the auto-flowering variety our geneticists' staff worked through complex cross-breedings to keep the perks of the female original strain, obtaining in the end a strong plant with large and thick buds.

Auto Critical is an auto flowering plant that turns out to be even easier to grow than the normal feminized strains, with a short flowering stage and a good yield.

It keeps a bushy, open shape that allows light to reach every part of the plant, granting a better growth and the finest final product.

Auto Critical buds preserves the strong penetrating aroma and intense flavor of Skunk and gives a super relaxing effect just like the feminized Critical. This amazing strain will be ready in just 9-10 weeks!

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Flowering Period:
9-10 weeks - 30-50 gr/plant Yield

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